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Moon Manifestation Meetup is a curated "Wholistic" experience for setting new intentions, fostering positive vibes, & supporting black businesses, while unwinding with meditation, sound therapy, and other holistic healing practices. Typically hosting our events during a New Moon or Full Moon we do so to harness the full energetic power that the lunar cycles has to offer.

We understand that in our community mental health is an issue that goes unaddressed all too often. MMM aims to provide a SAFE and welcoming space for you to meet other beautiful souls, enjoy unique holistic healing methods, and to ultimately help make

Moon Manifestation Meetups a continued part of your self-care routine.




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Did you know that "two-thirds of people globally do NOT seek treatment for their mental health conditions"? -

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Regine Theodore

Founder & Event Host

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Tatiana la joy

Sound Bowl Therapist

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David Connor

Meditiation Guide

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Reiki Practitioner

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Meet your Hosts

Each of our hosts and practitioners for our events are dedicated to sharing their gifts and talents with each of you in a way that you are able to participate effortlessly and experience the full restorative power of each activity. We present an itinerary that allows each activity to have a natural flow into the other and to magnify the effects of each activity from the last. We invite you to allow yourself to feel free to fall into your subconscious with no judgement and embrace the release of emotions, stress, and thoughts that hold us hostage throughout the week from the busy realities most of us live.

What We Do...

Moon Manifestation Meetup is open to typically for women, however, we do open the space up for men to join us quarterly.

During our Moon Manifestation Meetup you can expect to do light stretching, quiet your mind for a beginner friendly guided meditation, and experience the healing powers of sound bowl therapy. You can also choose to participate in a group Reiki session and be prompted through an intentional journaling session to manifest your most immediate desires!

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According to a survey conducted among adults in the United States in May 2021, 12 percent of respondents said they had no close friends.

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Join our Exclusive Community

When you join our MMM squad we welcome you with open arms to heal, make money moves manifesting with our exclusive accountability group, and so much more.

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